Championing super bright women (mixing it up – art, science, design, business, economics, & more) to leverage ‘state of mind’ for greater creativity + impact in work and life.

Learning how the mind works (tuning in to our innate life-enhancing faculties)

Allowing the power of clear thought, instinctual intelligence and intuition.

Flowing the creative process (yes, and yes)

Crafting curiosity projects (inspired strategy meets joyous fun)

Writing on creativity, poetic philosophy, applied psychology, spiritual logic, and other riotous joys (with a bit of food and a lot of love)

Enjoying the emotional rollercoaster (grounded in the eye of the storm)

Life unfolding as art (creating beauty)

Loving our lives and living our work (in grace and power)

Resonating? Come on in. Let’s dance.





Founder & Creative Director


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