Do you have a clear and beautiful vision?

by Jayne on January 24, 2012

Have you ever asked someone, let’s say a friend, what they wanted to be, do and have in life? And what did they reply? Most likely”I don’t know” or “world peace”.  It can be hard to answer questions on what we truly desire with some depth and substance. It requires a bit of time excavating the heart.

I’ve started to answer those questions, and am having fun (and lots of messiness) creating a vision for every slice of my life.

How about you? It requires a lot more initial effort to live from vision. But  compared to just running around shaking a stick at every external happening that comes your way it is much more meaningful, creative and guarantees eventual results that make your heart sing. Living from vision helps you recognise those external ideas, people and activities that are right for you and it brings a certain haze of pleasure that just doesn’t go away.  Because it’s not dependent on anybody else or on a particular circumstance. It’s an inner thing first.

Do you want a beautiful fruitful lifestyle?

To see it? Feel it? Be it? To live a lifestyle that’s full of what matters to you?

It seems like a silly question but a question is a good place to start. Because sometimes we think we want something. But when we put our lives under the microscope it’s clear we are not acting like that’s what we want.

I know, ouch.

It’s not your fault. You’re just used to focusing on your current circumstances. I get caught out too. But if you take one thing from this post, let it be this. The invisible always comes before the visible . Your  beautiful dream starts as a vision, before you take action.

If it doesn’t it means you’re chasing it and not creating it.

If you do want it, you can have it, one moment, and step at a time. But you don’t get anything if you don’t know what it looks like. And you’ll never see it until you can feel it first. Of course there is the  inspired  action part  (might require some effort but doesn’t feel like struggle). But going after something that you cannot envision in some way is like fanning yourself with a wet lettuce. Pointless.

What do your actions say about your true (deep in your heart) wellness and lifestyle intentions?

On track, off track, fast track, no track?

What chain reaction could you set off in the rest of your life if you got clear on this? Have a play-think.

Then read this, why I am not a millionnaire.

Create Beauty.

p.s. I decided to craft this post at the end of the month, to see how far one has gotteth with the those pesky things called ‘resolutions’? Well sort of I kept getting sidetracked and the post languished in ‘draft-dom’. But still .. it sounds good.





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