Foodhearted: Honest Eating for a Creative, Wholehearted Life

Ready for your adventure in food? I’d love to help

You want to harness the energy, nourishment, flavour and synergy of food to support your powerful self, your creative work and your life.

+ Maybe at times you feel like you are being pulled in multiple directions while wearing roller blades with no time to eat, forget cook (unless, hot black coffee). And while you’ll always enjoy having your fingers in so many pies (metaphorically speaking of course), you’re ready to create something different so that your body can keep up with your potential.

+ Maybe you are living on dry toast or some equivalent three times a day because you get so immersed in your creative projects. And while you love the crunchiness (and your projects), you’re ready for something new.

+ Or maybe you want to nurture your fertility.. because maybe, babies, so nourishing your body feels extra important right now.

A okay. The most important thing is that you’re ready for your very own adventure in food.



A couple of things..

Firstly I do not have a magic pill to make you whippet thin with flippy hair, and pregnant, if that’s what you’re looking for. In fact if anyone says they have a magic pill for anything, make like Lola, and run.

Secondly I do have the (uncanny) ability to help you craft an adventure in food that will serve you the rest of your life – by listening to you, asking you questions that uncover more of your creative intelligence, and by teaching you absolutes that will help you journey on solid ground. You will get results, but paradoxically we won’t be obsessing over them. We’ll be joyfully engaged in the process of living, while watching to see what shows up. Infinitely more fun. Does that speak to you?

You’ll learn to ride your ‘food bicycle’. (I’m going to be your ‘training wheels’  🙂 )

‘Results always come with unwavering attention to what is.. It’s how it works.’

Me & Food?

+ Learnt to cook at nine years old, boiling an egg. Hey, we all start somewhere. And now I can make anything I want, look Ma, no recipe book.

+ Have honours degree-level food quals, plus much reading,  continuous study, exploration, experimentation and food-related escapades since then.

+ Fully engaged in my own adventure (which is life-long by the way!). I believe food is a precious gift not least for nourishment and communion, but also an opportunity for generosity, and leveraging systems, and an opportunity to learn to look after ourselves. Food skills are life skills.

+ While a good qual can be very useful, essential even (hello, surgeon!) personally I’m fascinated with the internal dynamics that drive what we do, and how when we start there, we can literally create something beautiful.



Our work together is customised to your needs. It will include a series of conversations based on your hopes and dreams, and the premise that all change starts from within; teaching on foundational truths that will underpin your adventure; and help with strategy based on the insights and new understandings that you will experience around your relationship with food.
(So if you’re looking for a ‘click and collect’ blueprint, I’m not your gal.)


Consultancy fees:
Packages start at £2,500

Book a free consultation to find out whether Foodhearted is for you.

‘You will learn how to ride your ‘food bicycle’, just like when you learn to ride a real bicycle you embody the skill and cultivate your own knowing. So even if you come to a hill, you know how to ride your bicycle, if you encounter a roadblock you know how to ride your bicycle, it doesn’t matter what country you’re in, or which new models are released you know how to ride your bicycle. It’s the same with your ‘food bicycle’, whether you are at home or abroad, in a hurry or are smelling the roses, feeling low or feeling high, you’ll know how to ride your food bicycle.’