Unchained Creativity

Take your Self-Care + Leadership skills to new heights? I’d love to help

Imagine experiencing the greatest feeling of your life (verb, not noun) to unchain ever-increasing amounts of your infinite creativity to support your relationships, your work, and your life.

+ You’re accomplished at many things, and are about to or want to get going with something new and would appreciate mentoring to gain and maintain momentum (feels more drag, less lift-off at the moment?).

+ You have a lot of responsibilities which you relish, including some you’ve been dreaming about since kindergarten, and you’d like some support in uncovering ways to elegantly manage it all without stressing yourself out.

+ You’re about to start managing people or are thinking about it as part of your career progression, and you’re worried it’s going to be too hard. You’d like some help.



‘Loving attention facilitates emotional honesty and insight which oil the wheels of a more potent and fulfilled life.’


A couple of things..
Firstly, I won’t be fixing any problems, nor will I be fixing you (you’re not a problem). You will be unlocking creative potential. That’s the ‘feeling’ part. When you feel, the ‘situations’ in your life remain soft, you are in the field of possibilities, when you refuse to feel, your ‘situations’ remain hard, you are in the field of probabilities. So if you are looking to see things change for the better, or looking to realise something new, what do you need to do first?  That’s what I help with. Presence precedes strategy. To say it another way, internal awareness before external movement. This effortlessly leads to the right strategies, plans and tactics for you, which always feel resonant, and expansive, even when doing something new.

‘As soon as you lighten your emotional load, things are free to shift.’


Why work with me?

+ Feeling is my middle name. No, not on my passport.
+ Have used this to effectively lead communications teams for a number of years.
+ I live this work and it is present-continuous. Every major (and minor challenge) I face through feeling first. It’s a cleaner, simpler easier process compared to trying to push around furniture that’s already shown up in your external world.



Mentorship Fees:

Unchained Creativity: £995

Three-part intensive + digital workshop + limitless clarity

You will enjoy your adventure even the difficult bits because there is much joy in leading, not through force, but through noticing, wholeheartedness and going where the truth is. You will come to embody what it means to put attention on yourself, your life, your actions so that you are not waylaid by personal story but are able to access creative intelligence, and feel your way through from one breakthrough to another.