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Is it possible to up sticks and live from radiance?

Welcome to the reading lounge (okay, blog - start here), and private mentoring space for truth-loving and bright, naturally expressive, feminine-led women and female creatives ready to let go of the overly sticky masculine energy habits and exaggerations that have them riding the 'conveyor belt of doing' into bustle*, burnout and soul-squashing dissatisfaction.

And who are instead, invited to turn to living more freely, fruitfully and joyfully from the deepest seat of their inherent God-sourced femininity, by feeling through to their thriving, gorging on creative nourishment and lifting the lid off the much-neglected gift that is their magnetic feminine radiance.

This is a journey that calls to the wholehearted woman of courage and faith. It is a journey of trust, surrender and bold humility. For real. You in?

Uplifting 14-day Audio Programme - Fresh in Fourteen - now available on demand

If you're willing, wanting and waiting to set sail on an adventure of womanly insights, honest eating, and inside out housekeeping - to dust off a self-care cobweb or two, grab your copy of Fresh in Fourteen, click through at the 'RESOURCES' tab.

*Busyness meets hustle (!)


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