The Immersion for Highly Capable Women – Uncommon Emotional Self Care and Stress Release the Feminine Way

Make Yourself a Divine Priority

A  five-week – Language of the Feminine – container to immerse yourself
in your feminine essence, to permanently resolve limiting beliefs, naturally release stress,
 mine the treasure from the pain of your past, learn to feel through to your thriving
and start to unfold a more fruitful and fulfilling future

1 deep dive discovery

1 – 2 clearing sessions (limiting beliefs)

1 follow up call

The Self Worth Myth downloadable workshop

Limitless clarity

Full Energetic Exchange: £3750

Personalised consultancy  – optional extra* for a limited time:

fashion & style or creative & copy or joyful home or corporate calm.

*one session per immersion – practical strategy and tips aligned with your true nature because you are allowed to bring your inner beauty and feminine expression through and to all that you do.

Your immersion is held in the private and fully confidential. It will be an adventure in feminine energetics, lightening the load, nourishing womanhood and making yourself a divine priority, because you are.

Yes please!

Hello, highly capable woman – aka shepherdess of  people, progeny, projects and/or diverse amounts of paperwork 🤓  – are you ready to welcome a fresh approach to handling stress, dealing with unwanted surprises, resolving the pain of dreams not come true (and even of those that did), spinning the umpteen number of plates with your name written all over them, and the emotional whiplash that sometimes comes with managing it all?

+ I’d love to help. Here’s how –

Transformational self care requires a bit more than chickpea polenta, an eye-squinting shot of wheatgrass or waving around a piece-of-burning-wood dangerously close to your hair. Fabulous as they might be, we want to start where it all begins with your internal landscape and an understanding of the language of the feminine. You’ll learn to work with your inborn ability to declutter your mind, dissolve stress, uncover the juice that drives your life, and naturally unchain creativity – which will lead to seemingly effortless action – regardless of how many plates need spinning at work, life, business or home. Sound good?

+ And you know what?

When you learn  to work with your thoughts, feelings and emotions (internal landscape) with an increasing understanding of your natural essence and your inborn abilities, you won’t feel so taken hostage by them anymore. You’ll be able to laugh in the face of the emotional roller coaster (mostly!), ride that thing back to calm and clarity, begin to meet work and life situations with a sense of relaxation and peace, and become more of the feminine powerhouse you were born to be. And while it does require some commitment (and you’re used to that anyway, right?) you’ll feel an immediate shift internally and external markers of change are not far behind. Breathy sigh of relief anyone?

You’ll stop fearing a ‘bad’ feeling, and give up chasing a ‘good’ feeling. Rather instead, you’ll start to enjoy feeling through any feeling into that cushiony, expansive state of curious calm – a beautiful feeling.

Loving attention on thought-feeling facilitates emotional honesty and ease, and space to receive insight which oil the wheels of a more potent and fulfilled life.

If you can’t wait to stop throwing yourself under the bus of the masculinised feminine; If you can’t wait to powerfully pivot yourself into a more easeful, fulfilling, authentic life that makes you smile widely, breathe deeply and sleep soundly; If you can’t wait to make yourself a divine priority; Then I can’t wait to work with you in the Immersion. Join me?

Yes, I’m in!

+ In a nutshell

Your immersion: Learn to feel ‘negative’ or ‘painful’ feelings in a way that feels good; Resolve limiting beliefs through established and proven principles of belief elimination. Interact with a fresh approach aligned to the feminine woman (you!) and your body. (This is the same repeatable process that i’ve used on myself many times, and continue to use, with complete resolution). Leave behind the masculinised feminine traits in your life (that seem to be handed to us on an ever-widening platter as we grow from childhood to womanhood) and rediscover your in-born radiant nature. Oh and you will remain very highly capable.

I’m in already!

“Wow! I wasn’t expecting this from the session, but Jayne helped me clear a path and focus on what I really wanted. I came to the session frazzled and pressed for time due to my job and start up social enterprise.

“Jayne put me at ease and guided me through a series of questions that made me intrigued in the idea of ‘me’ and where I wanted to go. Her sense of balance, patience and strength of character forced me not to skate around issues. 

“I could not quite come to these conclusions alone because I can’t seem to find the time to take stock due to a busy lifestyle. Her firm but personable approach meant I had to face some issues I was avoiding.

“I left the session feeling like a weight had been taken off my shoulders. For the first time in years I had a clear idea of what I wanted and a plan to develop and implement it. Jayne is clearly knowledgeable and has spent time understanding people, their hopes and desires.  Now the rest is up to me.”


Fashion lecturer, and social entrepreneur


Don’t have five weeks to invest, but want an SOS session? Book The Harmonisation