Hello, I’m Jayne – the natural polymath

+ Creative food catalyst , social nutritionist, writer/communicator, adventurer, join-the-dots-er,  portrait photographer, creative project coach, sauerkraut-maker, dancer, and mentor in uncommon leadership.

+ Studied food + fashion (not together).

+ There is a beauty that happens when we go where the (absolute) truth is. On that note, the four pillars of my work – relentless self honesty, going where the truth is, staying in your body, and feeling all feelings, aka Real, Grounded, Steady and Free.

+ What do people say about me? Oh that I’m mildly funny, a bit inspirational and love people enough to see them transform 🙂

+ Am passionate about emotional self care, and pulling the rug from under unhelpful mental constructs through noticing and feeling. I have firsthand experience of what can happen when you start to mother yourself like your own firstborn ….  without shadow of a doubt the root of all genuine transformation is the willingness to ‘see’ what’s true and ‘feel’ deeply, maybe like you’ve never done before. We are beautifully and wonderfully made.

+Like to crunch on monkey nuts, rock silver hoops, knock back green soup, shed a few tears, and work a dark floral like it’s never going out of fashion.

+ Songs currently on loop? One (classic rework of classic Cohen), two (raw talent beautifully directed), three (exquisite number from the quirky My Life as a Courgette).

To beauty, boldness and new beginnings.. Welcome!







“You’ve had a big impact on me … Lot’s of little things which I’m only dimly aware of and can only half articulate…”

“I’m a changed woman. You’ve certainly put a smile on my face.”

“You are the most visionary person I know.”

“I knew something had changed when I stopped thinking about my body every morning..  I’ve learnt to ask myself questions and am much more in tune with my feelings. The experience I had working with you was one of the best and it transformed me.”

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