Are you choosing not to thrive with food because of your sabotaging actions?

You know those quizzes in magazines – find out what breakfast cereal you are? Or are you a bore, a busy bee or naturally full of beans? You get the drift.

Well here’s a short quiz I rustled up earlier for you female influencers, founders and entrepreneurial creatives re your food prosperity (creating an experience of food and eating that helps you realise true wealth including fulfilling, sustainable, creative work).

Are you:

+ Eating in a way that doesn’t suit you just because everyone else is?
+ Buying ‘treats’ for the office so you don’t feel guilty eating them yourself?
+ Constantly eating sugary stuff to fit in even though your teeth are falling apart?
+ Getting stuck in diet dogma and losing touch with your instinctive food impulse?
+ Saying you want to start preparing home-cooked food with the local pizza place on speed dial?
+ Treating your food like it has nothing to do with producing sustainable, entrepreneurial and creative work?

This is where the magazine would say you are a people-pleasing eater, a sugar fiend, or a resistant real food wannabee. But that wouldn’t be true, you are not any of those but you may be creating an experience of each of those.

The issue here isn’t really what you are or are not eating, it’s the conversation you’re having internally that precedes that.

What’s your conversation?

The greatest mitigation against your food indulgences is awareness.


When we see what we are doing we have the opportunity to do differently. And that’s when transformation pitches up with its tent bringing ‘different results’.

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