ATTUNED – original mentoring in feminine fulfilment and creative nourishment

Rediscover the lost art of feminine feeling – and reconnect to your body, your presence and your power.

Live from your God-sourced natural essence and lift the lid off your magnetic feminine radiance.

Fine-tuned mentoring for feminine energy women and female creatives who want to turn from the seduction and fatigue of the overly masculine ideals, expectations and achievement-saturated-lens of the external world; who want to step off the always-on conveyor-belt-of-doing; and who want to live in the truth, freedom and clarity of their essential feminine nature.

If you are a woman drawn to this work – at some instinctual level you understand that you are naturally inclined to thrive from the feminine. And you want this to become the foundation and the springboard for all areas of your life.

Attuned could be a great fit for you if one or more of the following rings true:

  • You feel handcuffed to your ‘9-5’. And it’s often ‘9-9’.
  • Despite being a record-breaking multi-tasker, your to-do-list is making you feel height-challenged.
  • You’re on the conveyor-belt-of-doing, not sure when/if you will ever ‘arrive’, and it’s plain tiring.
  • You read the phrase conveyor-belt-of-doing and weirdly feel very ‘seen’ and ‘heard’.
  • You can’t believe the sum total of your creative output in life is bashing out memo-type-things on a keyboard in cubicle-corporatopia.
  • Known for being top-of-the-class competent, you have a habit of trying to think or action your way out of an uncomfortable feeling.
  • You constantly feel like you’re on your last nerve giving your all to others. But who’s got your back?
  • You live for the weekend to escape most some of the above. But it’s not working – you broke your foot rock-climbing.
  • You’re a creative or holding down an ideas-hungry-role and you’d like to access fresh insights and innovative thinking without feeling like you’re being chased by three tiny dogs and a rottweiler pup.
  • You resonate with this work, and understand it is not about making stuff happen, masculinised goal-driven behaviour or hindering your essential feminine nature.
  • You’re bright, perceptive and relational – and prefer a joyful approach to life.
  • You’re ready to embrace daily practices of restorative, spiritual, and emotional self care and leaning into God (because deep feeling and feeling good naturally lead to expansive feminine action).

This mentoring won’t be a fit if:

  • You are seeking therapy or a traditional coaching model.
  • You don’t resonate with my approach/point of view/writing/voice.
  • You break out in hives at the mention of God (I don’t want you to be sore and itchy!)
Attuned means brought into harmony – you’ll enjoy:
  • Relaxing into a body that you feel connected to.
  • Feasting on and sharing your inborn gifts and talents.
  • Priming the splashy pump of ideas and insights that naturally unfold right-action and real results.
  • Exploding creativity and authentic expression.
  • Fading away burnout, busyness and bustle.
  • Living in bold humility.
  • Slowing down to smell the roses.
  • Evolving troubling relationships and interactions from ‘ugly duckings’ to ‘elegant swans’.
  • Redeeming treasure from trauma and learning from mistakes.
  • Radiating your natural magnetism.
  • Receiving more easily.
  • Practising feminine thriving, spiritual sustenance and aligned self care
It feels like a beautiful song being sung through the depth of you, wide open spaces and the wind carrying you, even when the external is yet to change. You feel fulfilled because you know how to fulfil yourself and you’ve remembered how to feel.

Lean into more of you (the Truth of who you are) so that more can show up for you – this is the way of the feminine.



Who is this thriving feminine woman?
She loves and looks after her body, appreciates what she sees in the mirror and finds herself attractive; she wakes up in the morning and stretches – feeling inspired, creative, ripe with purpose; She feels spiritually ravished in her essence in the presence of God; She learns from, blossoms in and transforms her romantic relationships; She enjoys feeling deeply through inner earth, wind and fire; She feels sexually vibrant and fertile with possibility (with partner and without); She witnesses her feminine soul with the eyes of loving attention and feels unconditional acceptance. Her heart radiates potent magnetism.


I look forward to connecting with you if Attuned feels like a whole body ‘yes’.

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