ATTUNED – fine-tuned mentoring in feminine fulfilment and creative nourishment

Rediscover the lost art of feminine feeling, live from your God-sourced natural essence, feast on your in-born gifts and talents and lift the lid off your magnetic feminine radiance.

Original mentoring for feminine energy women and female creatives who want to turn from the seduction and fatigue of the overly masculine ideals, expectations and external focus of the conditioned world; who want to step off the always-on conveyor belt of doing; and who want to live in the truth of their inherent God-founded feminine essence and the power of their magnetic feminine radiance.

The women I work with are naturally inclined to thrive from the feminine. And they want this to be the foundation and the springboard for all areas of their life.

This looks like –  less defaulting to ‘doing’ in response to an uncomfortable feeling or ‘not knowing’; more feasting on their creative talents and the cause of all Creation, and leaving behind partial-truth-spiritual-ideas, that might provide quick relief short term, but in the long term, diminish their radiance, sense of trust and inner knowing; less camping out in their heads and more being grounded in their bodies; less fear of feeling and more courage to sit with what is arising; and more learning to rest in order to naturally receive, rather than forcing constant action to make more, in order to rest.

This type of private mentoring may suit you if one or more of the following apply:
  • You want to live more in tune with your feminine nature, talents and gifts.
  • You are a record-breaking multi-tasker, but your to-do-list is always having a growth spurt. You may be on the conveyor belt of doing, and skirting round the edges of burnout.
  • You are top-of-the-class competent, but have a tendency to try and think your way out or action your way out of feeling which suppresses your feminine nature.
  • You are one of life’s givers, but your feminine self feels a bit famished – you may experience this as feeling ‘off’ even though on paper, life is going okay.
  • You are a feminine woman who wants to activate the gift of her magnetic radiance to evolve your romantic relationships, your experience of work and your natural expression in life.
  • You are a creative or in an ideas-led role and want easier access to inspiration and fresh ideas and effective ways to meet specific challenges and commitments without feeling rushed and stressed out.
  • You resonate with my feminine mentoring approach – being seen, feeling heard, resonance, presence, tears, laughter, joining dots, experiential truth and possibly sitting with sensation and deep feeling – trusting you will receive what you need to receive and at the right time. It’s not about making stuff happen, masculinised goal-driven behaviour or hindering your essential feminine nature.
  • You’re expressive, perceptive, relational and compassionate. And you favour a joyful approach to life.
This mentoring won’t be a fit if:
  • You need professional mental health support or are seeking therapy.
  • You are looking for a traditional coaching model.
  • You don’t resonate with my approach/point of view/writing/voice.
  • You are happier living as a masculine-led woman.
  • You break out in hives at the mention of God (I don’t want you to be sore and itchy!)
These are some of the areas we can look at in our work together
  • Letting go of overly sticky masculine energy habits or exaggerations (we meet and melt these with honesty and heart).
  • Dissolving feminine energy compensations that often have you unconsciously abandoning your needs while prioritising the needs of others via lots of masculinised doing (this can lead to worries about being left ‘behind’. These will fade as you orient yourself back to your true feminine essence).
  • Adopting nourishment-based manifestation over motivation-based manifestation (learning to become a feminine ‘receiver’ and ‘amplifier’).
  • Giving up living in resistance to the masculine (internally and externally) and instead working with this aspect by expanding into the feminine (Think lots of inner s.t.r.e.t.c.h without the ping-back).
  • Draining your emotional sludge to access more of your inherent creative agency and potential (sort of like waltzing through treacle – messy relief!)
  • Understanding what it means to feel through to your thriving on a daily basis (whatever the trigger).
  • Tending to your body’s needs as an upfront will-do rather than as an afterthought to-do (aka feminine soul priority vs feminine soul SOS).
  • Gorging on creative nourishment (because so many women are starving for their natural talents and gifts. I do think there is likely an inverse correlation to the growth of the diet industry).
  • Welcoming passage through what I call The Great Unraveling (a sense of imminent good – inner joy – meets a scene of perceived external flatlinining aka ain’t nothing happening – with you wondering whether you should just write your last will and testament already).
  • Establishing daily practices of restorative, spiritual, and emotional self care and leaning into God (because deep feeling and feeling good naturally lead to expansive feminine action).

Attuned means brought into harmony – when you have learnt to feel through to your thriving, lovingly fed yourself to pieces with your own creative talents and more, stepped off the conveyor-belt-of-doing and on to the staircase of surrender and safety, through trust in God and your natural feminine essence, things will start to look and feel differently to you. Work and life from this space with your magnetic feminine radiance no-longer-in-hiding, is different.

It feels like a beautiful song being sung through the depth of you, wide open spaces and the wind carrying you, even when nothing external has yet changed. You feel fulfilled because you know how to fulfil yourself and you’ve remembered how to feel.

Lean into more of you (the Truth of who you are) so that more can show up for you – this is the way of the feminine


Options to work together (online)
Attuned essential session £495 (75 mins + feminine-aligned affirmation + mini audio workshop)
Attuned three-session package £995 (3 x 60 mins taken within a month + 2 x mini audio workshops)
Attuned afternoon tea session £1495 (2 x 1.5 hours +break in the middle + LOTS of presence)
Attuned longer term mentoring (three months – let’s have a chat if you are considering this)
Monthly retainer on application (only available to existing or previous clients)


Who is this thriving feminine woman?
She loves and looks after her body, appreciates what she sees in the mirror and finds herself attractive; she wakes up in the morning and stretches – feeling inspired, creative, ripe with purpose; She feels spiritually ravished in her essence in the presence of God; She learns from, blossoms in and transforms her romantic relationships; She enjoys feeling deeply through inner earth, wind and fire; She feels sexually vibrant and fertile with possibility (with partner and without); She witnesses her feminine soul with the eyes of loving attention and feels unconditional acceptance. Her heart radiates potent magnetism.


I look forward to connecting with you if Attuned feels like a whole body ‘yes’.

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