Audio: Lean in to your comfort zone aka creating from joy

How many notes, essays, and articles have you read that scream at you to ‘get out of your comfort zone!’, ‘your results lie outside of your comfort zone!’, or ‘your comfort zone will keep you small!’.

Oh my days.

Now if you love that message, nothing more for you here. If however, you want to skip merrily down a different path, a more nourishing one and dare I say effective one (not least because depletion does not come as part of the package) then this is for you (I love this path too by the way).

Sometimes when you contemplate a new activity, maybe something you haven’t tried before or something you are coming back to after a while you might feel a little uncomfortable of self-conscious – like I did when I was invited to a Tango salon after several years of not dancing that style – nothing wrong with that, simply notice where the feeling is coming from and you’ll notice that you naturally relax, and probably take a deep breath. You are back in your comfort zone.

And you know what? It feels great; Simply noticing where your feeling is coming from. This is also known as putting attention on your state of being. Nothing external needs to change to have this joyful experience.

One way I would describe joy which is a state of being rather than a psychological emotion is a continuous sense of imminent good. Can you relate?

Your thoughts, feelings and sensations are not your comfort zone. Attention on your state of being, and noticing, is. And that is available to you in any moment.

Understanding this has helped me in my creative work and life, and you’ll hear some examples in the audio.

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