A dedicated session where you will:

– Learn how to feel deeply and easefully into your body anytime you like, to resolve tension, release resistance and flow inspiration from a grounded place.

– Explore if you are consistently on the conveyor-belt-of-doing and start to Tarzan-of the Jungle-swing-yourself off it baby-steps yourself off it .

– Practice feeling into your thriving in the session and observe how you can apply that to challenging situations and use as an aligned space to sit and make decisions from.

– Receive soothing & grounding practices that help you drop into your feminine nature, including a twist on tapping for an immediate calming effect.

You can then begin to embody these practices through your daily life. Or you also have the option to work with me in a co-created private mentoring programme – moving you away from defaulting to the conveyor-belt-of doing for example, to naturally practicing nourishment-based manifestation in service of your true heart’s desires. That choice is completely up to you.

(I will guide you regarding the above points. Session is 60mins in duration.)

Once I’ve received notification of your booking, you will receive my diary to confirm dates.

Interested in working together for a longer period of time? Fabulous – you can easily arrange that here.

Lovely bananas, look forward to our Attuned time together!


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