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A dedicated session where you:

– Identify existing areas of Uncommon Abundance in your food and eating life whether you are on first name terms with a faster food outlet (Leon?), sitting on Nonna’s 100 year old recipe for pasta al limone, learning to cook when you were knee-high to a grasshopper or having connections to different food cultures through family, travel and curiosity.

– Identify areas where you have opportunity to create Uncommon Abundance and fill in gaps.

–  Evaluate the significance of these for yourself, your family and your lineage.

– Clarify your most important priorities going forward – so you can ride your food bicycle with more ease and certainty. And begin to realise Uncommon Generational Abundance which transcends money.

You can then focus on these priorities through your own self-led work. Or you have the option to do further work with me in a co-created package. That choice is completely up to you.

(I will guide you regarding the above points. Session is 60mins in duration.)

Once I’ve received notification of your order, you will receive my diary to confirm dates.

A dedicated day for the time-pressed, quick-starter and/or avid learner to focus on a key priority:

– This may be a priority that came out of your Uncommon Abundance session.

– Or it may be something highlighted on the previous page, or in a blog post or workshop which resonates with you.

– Or it may simply be that you’ve made the choice to work with me right-now to navigate a specific area in your food and eating journey.

(A co-created VIP Day is four hours in duration with breaks.)

In order to discuss your needs and desires and to explore what a co-created VIP Day would look like for you, please start here.

A dedicated co-created package focused on your needs, desires and priorities

– This could focus on embodying a practice for example, so that it becomes part of your daily routine.

– Or doing some work on the inner experience of food and eating.

– Or it could be a time of learning to cook and create/curate new recipes.

– Or it could be a dedicated commitment to unfolding your desired body the feminine way for a length of time.

In order to discuss your needs and desires and to explore what a co-created consultancy package would look like for you, please start here.

That’s all folks, speak soon.


Please be intentional with your booking –  Mucho gracias superstar.

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