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+ This is is for you if you are a project-driven woman who is feeling stressed and a bit overwhelmed. It may be you are a fashion/style influencer who is travelling all over the place and feeling stretched in different directions. You love what you do but emotionally you feel frazzled.
+ Maybe you are an entrepreneurial creative who is launching herself into something new or setting up on your own and you feel so nervous you don’t think you’ll ever get off the starting blocks?
+ Or are you a new manager or recently promoted exec? Suddenly you are responsible for a lot more people and a whole lot more projects, and you’d like to increase your emotional bandwidth to match so that you can lead powerfully and insightfully, and not lose sleep to churning thoughts.
Welcome! The root issue in all these scenarios are the same. It just a matter of understanding what’s really going on, as every human deals with it at some point or the other. Read my notes below and then if you want to proceed, click the ‘pay here’ button to make payment.

Three-part Session


Once I’ve received notification of your purchase, you will be sent a link to my diary to book your first session. Speak soon!




Please note:
+The three-part session can be taken over three weeks (a session every week), or over six weeks (a session every two weeks). Sessions are 35mins in duration.
+When you click the ‘pay here’ button you will be taken to the shopping cart where you can complete the transaction with a paypal account, or you can choose the option to check out without a paypal account.
+We’ll be bringing the why’s, what’s and wonders of Unchaining Creativity to your project/challenge.
+All sessions will take place over Skype/Zoom or phone by arrangement.
+All sessions must be completed within three months of purchase.
+You will receive downloadable workshop, The Art of Feeling  and the printable feelings journal on completion of your first session.
+You can hear my voice and get a flavour of my work by listening to the free audio on the ‘Resources’ page, and reading the posts on the blog. You might get an aha and decide not to book the session!
+ If you have any questions before you book, please contact me here. Love, love this work, and if we’re a match I’d love to be on your team. I guarantee you will have all my support, you’ll be seen, heard and witnessed and you will create new experiences for yourself. I want you to be sure, so if you do have questions, ask away!
All sales are final.


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