Bookending Your Day with Self Care


Noun: a support placed at the end of a row of books to keep them upright, typically forming one of a pair.
Verb: be positioned at the end or on either side of (something).

Sometimes the simplest things are the most powerful. I’m a born join-the-dot-er so naturally find myself looking at ideas in one subject or area of life and looking at how that might be applied in another. Do you do that?

Bookending with self care and personal nurture is starting the day and ending the day with an act of loving kindness to yourself  that will not only benefit you, but the effects will also spill over to positively impact your environment including the important people and projects in your life. What’s that worth to you as an influencer, (co-) founder or entrepreneurial creative?

Some benefits (immediate, and cumulative over time):

– Feeling like you have more time.
– Defusing the stress mechanism.
– Simply feeling good.
– Less emotional reactivity.
– Allowing space to receive inspiration, insight and ideas.
– Noticing details and experiencing synchronicities.
– Feeding your femininity, and being attuned to your monthly cycle.
– Learning to pace yourself.

A simple start-the-day-activity (or one of them) for most people, including yours truly, is having a shower. How can you be in the activity more, instead of racing through it to get through to the next thing? And this is always possible whether you have a few minutes or longer to perform your ablutions.

I love water, and simply acknowledging that, every time I hop in the shower feels very nurturing. Even my body wash adds to the experience, as I chose it for a few reasons, and every time I use it, the joy of that aligned choice comes to the fore again. I’m then reminded and encouraged to bring that level of attention to other decisions. If there are things on my mind or concerns that I’m facing I may put them aside for a while or it may be a time to reflect and receive insight, rather than worry.

Some start the day with a cup of tea or coffee, or a run or walking the dog. These are all part of living and being in life. And for others these may be activities that end the day.

What are your bookend activities? To deepen the nurturing effect simply be in the intention of what you are doing.


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