Uncovering Feminine Radiance: The Ways You Appreciate When You Drain Your Sludge Part 3

Uncovering Feminine Radiance

When you can be with your emotional sludge, when you can truly love it. We’re not talking warm and fuzzy, we’re talking real love. My description – Unwavering, unconditional, intentional regard:

You love yourself more.

– You get to experience the sheer joy of witnessing your own soul.

– You can meet any emotional turbulence that rises up within, with love, because you are embodying the truth that presence dissolves fear if you will keep on loving it.  Yes, you get to the point when with tear-streaked face, and runny-sniffy nose you accept it all with delight rather than despair because you have a better understanding of what it really means. 

– This leads to simple and elegant ‘solutions’ to your ‘problems’. The only action you find that is required of you reveals itself simply and clearly. (This is different from the masculine energy exaggeration of ‘take action, take massive action because NOTHING happens without action.’ That’s driven by motivation, vigorous effort and control).

– This more natural way of relating to our feminine selves, can mitigate or even eliminate stress-related ageing.

– As you love yourself more you listen to yourself more and vice versa. This includes being able to detect an internal limitation/heaviness/lie by simply being present to your everyday life and noticing. I do this all the time and am eternally grateful to be able to navigate and facilitate my own emotional release, transformation and receiving.

– As a feminine woman you are particularly well-placed to flow with the creative process. Our priority actions are always those of deep nurture, regenerative self-care, joy and creativity, all other actions are ignited and fuelled by these. When we do it the other way round we find ourselves skirting around the edges of burn out and oftentimes falling in.

– You realise feelings of love are generated from within. You start to create a life from that love, thereby amplifying your feelings of love and joy. And weirdly you become a magnet for more experiences of love and joy.

– Your innate feminine energy is nurtured and your feminine expression becomes increasingly magnetic. This is enhanced by (but not sourced in) clothes, make up, jewellery and other accessories.

More love flows from you.

– You notice men and women warming to you. The unwavering, unconditional, intentional love that reveals itself within – increasingly so, as internal fears, conflicts and stuck emotions resolve and integrate – acts like a clarion call to new friends and collaborators (or a rearrangement of existing ones), serendipity and synchronicity and your true heart’s desires. Going within is the better first port of call.

More love flows to you.

– You feel closer to God as you root yourself in joy and honour your inherent design.

– It becomes easier to recognise or relate to your right mate. This is not so much what he looks like, but what you consistently feel in his presence and characteristics you never thought to ‘ask’ for are the icing on the cake. You realise what it is to be seen, heard, held, claimed and chosen in the context of a masculine man. Uncovered (unsludged) feminine radiance ignites the ‘Holy Masculine Chase’.

– Seemingly odd incidents of love flow to you e.g. on an empty road a car almost does an emergency stop so you can cross from the island in the middle of the road to the other side; Being given an unprompted discount on your shopping and sometimes not even realising until you read the receipt at home.

I refer to these as miracles of reflection. They differ from miracles of provision or synchronicity as they don’t seem to serve a material purpose. They simply mirror feminine radiance.

Feminine radiance creates miracles. It starts with feeling.

Uncovering Feminine Radiance Part 3

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