Foodhearted: Fifteen Ways to Thrive with Food Today

Decide you are thriving with food.
Stop getting caught up with what you should be doing and start with what you are currently doing, and how it’s working.
If you need help get it!


Celebrate your wins!
Do this whenever you feel frustrated, or disappointed (and even when you feel elated!) – notice where the feeling is coming from.
Work out your non-negotiables.


See it as an adventure.
Be totally aligned with what you’re eating.
Be interested in real food.


Say a prayer of thanks for everyone and everything involved in producing all the ingredients in the food you are eating.
If the ingredients aren’t worth giving thanks for, consider what you are eating.
Try to get closer to the farmers, growers and producers of the food you eat.


Taste what you are eating.
Play around with recipes.
Keep it simple – benefit from deadline meals.


Did you notice at no point did I give you a specific food to eat?

When you work with me in foodhearted, we do uncover the foods – both the specific and the strategic. However, the shooting stars of thriving with food are your foundational understandings.

Want to enjoy some self-led discovery? Dinner is served – The Feminine Food Fiesta – Enjoy!

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