Five non-food essentials of food-based rejuvenation

Full ownership of your food and eating experience: The train is not leaving the station without this one, consider it the season ticket for positive change.

Honest eating: Tell the truth about what is on your fork, in your hand or on your plate. It’s cathartic you will feel lighter and have more energy for other areas of your life, yes from simply doing that.
Us humans are always telling stories (aka lies) about what’s going on about us – ‘the weather is miserable’? (Truth: It’s wet and windy but you project misery on it thus making yourself miserable), ‘I’m broke’! (Truth: You have cashflow problems but instead you wear it as an identity which feels…rubbish.)  When we’re honest with ourselves life feels lighter even before circumstances change.

Dealing with old matter: faecal and emotional (this will have you moving away from symptoms of dis-ease, and expressing vibrancy and youthfulness). I know a bit yucky, but eating well is not all turmeric lattes and insta food shots. Hashtag you need to move your poop. This ‘old matter’ point? This is the least talked about but will deliver the fastest, easiest most beautiful results. You heard it here first.

Choosing deliberately: instead of labeling food, good and bad. Dig a little deeper.

Noticing your reactions: this is invaluable personal feedback unique to you. Why would you want to ignore it?

Making different choices when necessary: It seems obvious to me that if something is making me sick or not sitting well with me then I drop it and/or try something else.

Sometimes you have to be a grown up about stuff and get systems in place to support your choice. Coffee getting you down? Don’t buy coffee, don’t people-please your way into doing an elevenses run where somehow you end up pouring retail store expresso down your throat. Try starting the day with water, or green tea, or oh yes, a turmeric latte.

Really the food is secondary. It’s all about where you are choosing from, and what you are willing to let go of, and how much you can love and respect yourself, and how much you can honour how you’ve been designed to function.

Once that all starts to align you naturally start to feel/see results that you were always hoping to see.

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