Foodhearted: all the chicken broth and …

You know what? Autumn arrived and I just love being in the kitchen prepping and cooking. Honestly, chopping vegetables is a joy, granted it’s on my lovely newish wooden chopping board, so the whole experience is just hmm hmm mmm.

So, Chicken broth. I finally got a shiny new big pot (yes, I’ve been sorting out my capsule kitchen) that I can drop a whole chicken carcass in with a large carrot, onion and some apple cider vinegar and simmer that thing to the most delicious steaming broth you’ve ever tasted.

And then through the week I use it as a base for different ‘soups’.
Today it’s a simple veggie soup. If you don’t have broth you could use miso soup as your base which I often do when I’ve run out of my meaty option. Also, a good option for a completely veggie broth.


  • Half a pint of chicken broth (mine’s homemade but you can also buy it in the shop)
  • One sweet potato
  • Steamed edamame beans
  • One large carrot
  • A handful of mushrooms
  • Soaked wakame seaweed

Feel free to switch out any of the above for something else, or simply don’t use. And use whatever amounts you like. It’s soup!


This is what I did.

  • Cut the sweet potato into tiny pieces and fried with the mushrooms in some ghee (use your fat of choice).
  • Steamed the edamame beans and carrots together.
  • Soaked a few strands of wakame (be warned use sparingly unless you want a huge clump of seaweed. This stuff SWELLS).
  • Added everything to the heated up chicken broth.
  • And oh yes I added two boiled eggs and red cabbage sauerkraut.
  • Seasoned with herbed sea salt.

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