FOODHEARTED – Creative food and eating Consultancy for Feminine-led women

Learn the art of honest eating, fan the pilot light of your innate food impulse, reap the fruits of food-based rejuvenation, feast on creative nourishment and live from your natural feminine essence.

Creative food consultancy for feminine energy women who want to leave behind heady and disconnected diet dogma, follow-the-herd motivation strategies and built-on-shifting-sand cultural trends of the conditioned world; who want to stop outsourcing their experience of wellbeing to the external and instead align with the goodness of their inherent God-founded feminine essence to recognise nutritional truth, practise health and wellness daily and ride their food bicycle with ease.

The women I work with embrace the premise that we naturally unfold our food and eating experiences and ‘results’ as we deepen into our inherent God-sourced femininity, rather than being led by the nose of the unquestioned belief that we use food and eating to try and get somewhere through masculinised doing.

This looks like –  less mindless eating in response to an uncomfortable feeling or ‘not knowing’ and more feasting on all that nourishes; more honest eating and noticing their experience and less eating from their heads while ignoring their experience, which only diminishes their radiance, sense of trust and inner knowing; less outsourcing/abandoning their wellbeing to others and more staying in their bodies, aligning with ancient truths, time-tested-themes of modern study and following the common-sense-clues that surround them; less enslavement to overly masculine ways of approaching food, wellness and eating e.g. the ‘body is a machine’ or some other soul-sucking, joy-less concept, and more honouring the boundless beauty and wisdom of their feminine essence.

This type of consultancy will suit you if one or more of the following apply:

  • You want how you relate to food and eating to align with your God-sourced feminine nature.
  • You typically do food through motivation-led strategies, but it doesn’t feel that amazing anymore.
  • You want to always be able to know what to eat in order to support your thriving.
  • You embrace self discovery and engaging with the creative process.
  • Your prefer effortless results over lots and lots and lots of doing.
  • You resonate with the premise of my approach.
  • You’re naturally expressive, perceptive, and compassionate. And favour a joyful approach to life.
This consultancy won’t be a fit if:
  • You prefer overly masculinised motivation-led strategies.
  • You are a happy masculine-led woman.
  • You don’t think food or eating has anything to do with your feminine nature.

‘Results always come with unwavering attention to what is .. It’s how it works.’

These are some of the areas we can look at in our work together
  • Remembering the first port of call when deciding to ‘lose weight’.
  • Learning how to eat from inner fullness (even when you are very physically hungry).
  • Gorging on creative nourishment (because so many women are not just hungry for their natural talents and gifts, they are starving for them).
  • Using a food diary to creatively mine the treasure of info available to you, hidden in plain sight.
  • Embodying the practice of honest eating and uncovering your food impulse.
  • Meeting the deeper needs of your feminine nature.
  • Understanding the principle of ‘the greater always contains the lesser’.
  • Developing your food choices vs unconscious food rules.
  • Establishing meaningful food, femininity and eating practices rooted in truth and love.
  • Experiencing the nurturing effects of ritual, routine, and rhythm in your life.
  • Sharing practical and specific tips from my personal practice of nourishing lifestyle medicine.

Foodhearted means goodhearted, but with food. You treat yourself well and you come from a deeper, kinder, more truthful place, because clarity magnifies peace.

Just like riding a regular bicycle, when you learn to ride your food bicycle, you’ll always be able to travel in the direction you choose.

Options to work together (online)
essential package £775 (75 mins + nourishing a rich life audio + the capsule kitchen course + the blending abundance course)
Foodhearted monthly consultancy – if you are considering this, let’s have a chat.

Who is the feminine woman thriving with her food, eating and wellness life?
She witnesses her feminine soul with the eyes of loving attention and feels unconditional acceptance. She doesn’t exercise to get fit, she moves because she’s designed to move – in ways that feel alive, in ways that feed her femininity and in ways that nurture her body, soul and spirit (which unfolds fitness, expression and vitality). She doesn’t eat to lose weight, she eats because she’s designed to nourish herself with all kinds of feasting inside and out (which unfolds her feminine body, agelessness and aliveness). She enjoys crafting simple meals of tastiness and delight in her kitchen (and sometimes more ambitious creations). She is rich with generosity, preparing, serving and gifting food from the heart (including for and to herself). She places ancient wisdom and the body’s intelligence ahead of the queue of passing cultural trends.  She rides her food bicycle with insight, skill and radiance.

If foodhearted is a wholehearted ‘yes’ for you, I look forward to being your ‘training wheels’ as you learn to ride your food bicycle with more joy, ease, and flow.

Me & Food?
+ Learnt to cook at nine years old, boiling an egg. Now I can make anything I want, look Ma, no recipe book.
+ Have honours degree-level food quals, plus much exploration, experimentation and food-related escapades since then. Saying all that, I realised I do my food and wellness life mainly through feeling, intuiting and knowing. I do use my intellect and analysis but more as tools guided by the former. That got me reflecting on a whole lot of things, including my feminine nature and the areas of life where I wasn’t mainly experiencing them through feeling, intuiting and knowing. Ironically, I was to a certain degree, but due to underlying patterns there were glitches in the system. Anyhow I digress!
+ Fully engaged in my own adventure (it’s life-long by the way). I believe food is a precious gift not least for nourishment and communion, but also an opportunity for generosity, creativity, and learning how to look after ourselves. Food skills are life skills.
+ While a good qual can be very useful, a requisite even (hello, surgeon!) personally I’m fascinated with the internal dynamics that drive what we do, and how when we start there, we can literally create something beautiful.

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