FOODHEARTED – Creative food and eating Consultancy for Feminine-led women

Feed Your Whole Body, Feed Your Deep Heart

Learn the art of honest eating,
meet the depths of your emotional hunger,
reap the benefits of food-based rejuvenation
And your body? Choose your own

Grow younger, stronger and wiser using the

feminine approach to body wellness.

Naturally unfold your food and eating experiences and your ‘results’

as you deepen into your inherent God-sourced feminine nature and fully inhabit your body.

Stop outsourcing your own ‘knowing’ to overly masculinised ‘make it happen’ messaging.

Drop the weight of unseen emotion.

And let it be easy.


If you are slowly nodding your head as you scroll down this page, it’s likely one or more of the following resonate:

    • You don’t want to strive to ‘make your body happen’.
    • You are running out of energy before you run out of hours in the day.
    • You are ready to leave behind an overly masculinised approach to your feminine-essenced body.
    • You typically do food through motivation-led strategies (e.g. ‘no pain/no gain’, ‘gym gets dessert’ etc). But it doesn’t feel that amazing anymore, if it ever did. And you’re not getting the results you used to.
    • You want to always be able to know what to eat in order to support your body and your thriving. And have the right systems in place to support that.
    • At some level ‘unfolding your results in the Now’ makes complete sense to you.
    • You want to become intimately aware of your body and its needs, so that you can powerfully advocate for yourself, including with the expert that speaks to you like you just turned five.
    • You recognise we have shifted into new timelines/geopolitical cycles, so putting down deep wellness roots has risen to the top of your must-have list.
    • You prefer relaxed and fulfilling effort over lots and lots and lots of doing.
    • You’re bright, perceptive, and compassionate – and prefer a joyful approach to life.


This consultancy won’t be a fit if:

You don’t resonate with this blog post –

honest eating and the feminine approach to body wellness.

Yes, I am breaking ALL the copywriting rules and sending you ‘off page’. And I’m fine with that,

because you’ll be back if you feel foodhearted is for you. And I’ll be sitting here with my foghorn

(Welcome Home!).


Here is a taste of what you can expect to experience in foodhearted:


Enjoying a natural way to ‘lose weight’ even if you ‘failed’ before, rooted in heart/body connection.

Knowing what it means to embody your intention so both, right-actions and

results are natural outcomes

i.e. they are both effects – action is not cause.

Gorging on creative nourishment (because so many women are not just

hungry for their natural talents and gifts, they are starving for them) – a powerful tool

for unlocking weight plateaus.

Embodying the practice of honest eating and uncovering your innate food impulse –

what naturally supports you in food and eating patterns.

Meeting the deeper needs of your feminine nature that makes it easier

to make aligned food choices.

Developing/curating recipes that fit your lifestyle needs

e.g. OMAD, travel, skin.

Gently unfolding your feminine body in a way that does not involve

compulsive exercise, daily counting of calories or bending to the latest trend,

ideology or narrative, but instead is aligned to your values,

your feminine nature and your heart’s desire.

Recognising how ancestral/ancient foods nourish the

female body and adding to your diet.

Sharing practical and specific tips from my personal practice of

nourishing lifestyle medicine.


Foodhearted means goodhearted, but with food.

You treat yourself well and you come from a deeper, kinder, more truthful place,

because clarity magnifies peace.

Just like riding a regular bicycle, when you learn to ride your food bicycle,

you’ll always be able to travel in the direction you choose.


Who is the foodhearted woman?

She is full of aliveness and life.

She knows how to meet her emotional hunger, so her feminine soul

is thriving and physical hunger is a breeze.

She owns her food choices – the ‘what’, the ‘why’ and the practical ‘how’.

She creates an experience with food and eating that is

curious, joyful and meaningful.

She is committed to unfolding the best body

of her life through her life. She leans into the beauty and authenticity

of her God-given feminine essence. She places ancient wisdom and the

body’s intelligence ahead of the queue of passing cultural trends.

She rides her food bicycle with plenty of ease.

She is creating uncommon abundance for

herself, her family and her lineage.


If foodhearted is a wholehearted ‘yes’ for you, I look forward to supporting you with ‘training wheels’ as you learn to ride your food bicycle with more joy, ease, and flow.


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Me & Food?
+ Started cooking at nine, first boiling an egg. Now I can make anything I want, look Ma, no recipe book.

+ Have honours degree-level food quals, plus much exploration, experimentation and food-related escapades since then. Saying all that, I realised I do my food and wellness life mainly through feeling, intuiting and knowing. I do use my intellect and analysis but more as tools guided by the former. That got me reflecting on a whole lot of things, including my feminine nature and the areas of life where I wasn’t mainly experiencing them through feeling, intuiting and knowing. Ironically, I was to a certain degree, but due to underlying patterns there were glitches in the system. Anyhow I digress!

+ Fully engaged in my own adventure (it’s life-long by the way). I believe food is a precious gift not least for nourishment and communion, but also an opportunity for generosity, creativity, and learning how to look after ourselves. Food skills are life skills. I have zero fears, doubts or concerns in this area of my life, so my own knowing is very strong and I continue to unfold insight and results in the now. This is available for any woman over time. I call it ‘uncommon abundance’. It’s more than a teaching, it’s a transmission.

+ While a good qual can be very useful, a requisite even (hello, surgeon!) personally I’m fascinated with the internal dynamics that drive what we do, and how when we start there, we can literally create something beautiful.