Foodhearted: Delicious Miso Soup on a Dime

Miso is one of my fermented favorites – great for the gut and you can add whatever you like, to make an easy, and incredibly nutritious meal. This is the real fast food. I often top my finished soup with sauerkraut and yeast flakes.

This recipe is a good one to pack in nearly all of your ten a day e.g. seaweed, edamame beans, julienne carrots, broccoli florets, roasted courgette slices, sauerkraut, chopped potato, spring onion, diced squash, pan-fried mushrooms, and the miso. #nutrientdense

Delicious Miso Soup on a Dime
Prep time: 5 – 15 mins (longer if you are prepping extra veggies)
Serves: one or more
    • ¬†Organic dried miso soup (or paste). I use the King Soba brand.
    • Wakame seaweed (pre-soaked)
    • Shredded steamed chicken or two boiled eggs
    • Hot water to turn the ingredients into a delicious soup
    • Other additions/options include swapping out the chicken/eggs for edamame beans.
  1. Place all the ingredients in a bowl .
  2. Add the boiled hot water to the bowl and stir.
  3. Add your toppings of choice.


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