Foodhearted: Feeding Your Power vs Feeding Your Patterns

We can learn a lot (or maybe some significant things) from the study of food. However no one can have your unique individual experience of it, be it socially, spiritually, physically, or emotionally.

So, it makes sense to start with being honest with what we are experiencing and what we are consequently doing. First, and foremost we need to be in our body, and noticing what happens. Instead of constantly eating with our heads, which breeds further confusion.

When you stay in your body while eating,

+ You have a fuller eating experience.

+ You recognise various flavours and tastes, and how they synergise with each other.

+ You’ll notice your discomforts. e.g I’m not a breakfast person or a ‘sweet’ (sweet tooth!) person.

+ You’ll better recognise your satiety signals.

+ You will feel powerful from simply paying attention (before you even make any changes), and that is the best place to make changes, to create or be inspired by a goal.

+ You’ll recognise when you’re not comfortable feeling your feelings, and instead are using food to ‘feel’ them. There are so many things we do to avoid feeling, but food is easy because eating is socially acceptable, for obvious reasons.

+ Eventually you’ll become present to your patterns. And you’ll enjoy getting curious about them. And so the adventure goes.

Feeding your power vs feeding your patterns will bring different results. I am feeding my …………. .             Fill in the blank.


Have you listened to The Food Impulse Workshop? ‘ Check it out and start practising honest eating today.




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