Foodhearted: Honest Eating for a Creative, Wholehearted Life

Ready for Your Food Adventure because:

You’re tired of living off toast, only having enough energy to drag yourself through to wine o’clock and/or you want to feel (and look) good and your current food choices are not helping. At all.

Hello! Let me guess, you’re project-wielding, contribution-driven, sparky-bright, joy-rich woman-on-a-mission and …
You’re not giving up any of your projects any time soon, and you want support to help your body keep up with your potential – because sometimes it feels a tad fatigued, undernourished, or overworked – and it’s time to shine the spotlight on ‘food’?
+ I’d love to help. Here’s how –
You’ll learn how to feed your power, so that you can power those precious projects whether that’s meeting the demands of raising a family, or starting a new one, running a farm, heading up a fashion house, managing a launch or rising to the challenge of your meaningful career.
+ And you know what?
When you feed your power you get better results in body, work, and life – all the energy you need to power those projects, with plenty to spare; a body that feels stronger, younger and more you, needing less sleep – supported by simple systems to help  make real your food intentions and desired eating habits.
+ We’ll start right where you are. Clarity magnifies peace.

‘Results always come with unwavering attention to what is .. It’s how it works.’

You will get results, but paradoxically we won’t be obsessing over them. We’ll be joyfully and  wholeheartedly engaged in the process of living, and feeding your power, while watching to see what   shows up. Infinitely more fun. Does that speak to you?

You’ll learn to ride your ‘food bicycle’. (I’ll be your ‘training wheels’  🙂 )

Consultancy Packages:

The Food and Eating Audit  More Here
VIP Food Intensives More Here
‘Root & Branch’ Personal Consultancy   More Here
Me & Food?
+ Learnt to cook at nine years old, boiling an egg. Hey, we all start somewhere. And now I can make anything I want, look Ma, no  recipe book.
+ Have honours degree-level food quals, plus much reading, continuous study, exploration, experimentation and food-related escapades since then.
+ Fully engaged in my own adventure (which is life-long by the way!). I believe food is a precious gift not least for nourishment and communion, but also an opportunity for generosity,  creativity, and learning how to look after ourselves. Food skills are life skills.
+ While a good qual can be very useful, essential even (hello, surgeon!) personally I’m fascinated with the internal dynamics that drive what we do, and how when we start there, we can literally create something beautiful. And in this particular area I call it Food Prosperity™.