Foodhearted: Three Ways to Win with Food

This is something some women think about a lot. (And the ‘think’ can make things even worse.)

There are so many reasons why you might experience eating well, and winning with food as hard, and I touch on some of these in The Food Impulse.

Eating is straightforward but if you are experiencing it as hard in some way, you’re not imagining that. Some things that can impact our experience of food include societal messages, how we’ve been brought up, current lifestyle challenges, conditioning past down through the generations including behaviour, habits and ways of being around food and eating, what we’ve been fed as children, whether we learnt where food comes from and how to cook, and probably most significantly, how well we relate to our internal landscape – thoughts, feelings and sensations.

However, none of that need stand in your way going forward.

Here are three ways to begin to set all that aside and create a lighter and more enjoyable experience re food and eating.

1. Simply agree, and accept that you are winning with food, regardless of how little or much you think you know right now, or how long it will take. It’s a present continuous journey, and you’re winning starting today. By choosing that perspective you set yourself on the path of winning. See what happens over the next few days and weeks as you drop out of your head and stay curious to what winning with food looks and feels like for you.

2. Stop running ahead of yourself worrying about whether you should eat this or that. Instead start with what you can do, look at what you are currently doing and how it is or is not working for you. i.e. assess and observe. That you can do easily.

This is what I call Honest Eating. When you start there you’ll feel relief, and you’ll find that you start to have more helpful ideas around food and eating. Otherwise, it’s like the runner who wants to get to the finishing line, but isn’t even in the race because they don’t know where the starting blocks are. Peace always comes with clarity.

3. If you feel you need help with your food adventure then by all means get it. This is not a sign of weakness, simply a sign that you’ve recognised that you’d appreciate some support in this area. Could be because you’ve got a lot of responsibilities.

There are many reasons for wanting support especially as my audience are project-wielding and contribution-driven women with demanding careers or running their own multi-faceted gigs, whether that’s a farm, a fashion house, a financial consultancy, or raising a family, whatever, they all require time, energy, attention, and resources.

You may be a social person who is ready to change things up re food and eating but your spouse, friends or other family members are not up for that challenge right now. And you like the idea of having someone who can witness you, help facilitate fresh insights, bring some expertise, champion you and help you go the distance.  Or maybe you like self-study but would like the option of checking in with someone now and then? Or maybe there is a specific goal you want to work towards?

You can start winning today.

Would you like help moving forward with your #foodgoals? Let’s chat¬†

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