Feminine Revelation: Hope is not a strategy ?


Hope is not a strategy – has become a written cliche. But is it true?

Well, in the tradition of all good pantomime scenes. Oh, yes it is (I’m just about holding back on the exclamation mark). Oops!


What is hope? Eternal wisdom .. (plus your own personal experience which evidence what I’m about to say, more on this later) … reveals that hope is the fruit of revelation aka having a visceral (insightful) understanding of something (or someone) – it’s something you see beyond the intellect. Always.

It’s why someone who ‘gets’ something is free to dive into the sea of possibilities, while the one who doesn’t ‘get’ it remains flapping around on the shore, because they are blind as a bat — understanding-wise.

Where have you lost/found hope?

We all have areas of our lives that prove the pudding, so to speak. And it’s good to notice them.

When you see what’s what about something you automatically birth hope. And hope automatically sparks action. That action is what faith is — the substance of hope. Faith drives the realisation of vision, fueled by desire, inherent creative potential and directed by awareness. This is love.

This is how we’ve been designed to engage with life. And the process works against us whenever we believe a lie, versus seeing the truth.

Learning the power of a good cry.

It’s true, as I explain to my patrons, that a little bit of revelation can change your life. When you receive a visceral understanding (revelation/inner click) about anything, from the story of mankind, to how we create our experience of life to the essentials behind how to eat, style yourself, run a business, care for a sick animal, use a software programme or paint a picture (you will have multiple personal examples, thus the lesser points to the greater), previously clunky, sometimes misaligned action-taking becomes more refined, speedier, and easier because it’s a natural out-flow.

I remember when I had the revelation that if I cried and didn’t go into my head about it, it was liberating, enjoyable even (weird as that may sound), but if I went into my head, oh the pain, and recycled problems. Did it matter. Yes. We can only have any thing we truly desire by embracing our current emotional state in the moment, or on reflection, and without story. It freed up inordinate amounts of (inherent) creativity, and I wasn’t a slacker in that department in the first place. And it provided solid ground for all my emotional self care work with others, .. and everything else.

What helps to foster revelation of anything?

1. A little bit of solitude,

2. A lot of humility,

3. Being in your body,

4. A bunch of child-like questions (genuine curiosity),

5. and allowing Reality to be inconvenient (acceptance).

However, your most powerful tool to help foster revelation as a feminine-led woman is rediscovering the lost art of feminine feeling.

When you understand what it means to have a feminine essence, you will start to prioritise certain things like getting in touch with your emotional landscape, while dropping other things – like trying to prove your worth.

That is the power of a revelation.

True spiritual hope is real and intangible. It is not a mere word or concept. 

It is preceded by revelation, and evidenced by aligned action (faith). 

Hope is a strategy. Because it was designed that way.

If you are ready to catch the ‘feeling’ revelation you may want to join the revolution over here.

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