How do you eat yours?

Once upon a time there was a TV ad promoting a certain chocolate egg with the catchphrase ‘how do you eat yours?’. My answer? ‘I don’t.’ Egg-like gooey centre? No thanks.

However this is not a post on confectionery advertising (soz). For some reason that commercial popped into my mind, and  it made me think of another (online) marketing catchphrase – ‘over – achiever’.

There isn’t really such a thing as an over – achiever’ (regardless of how the personal mind loves that label, even though it usually means achievement at the expense of other life priorities, and opportunities for meaningful adventures).

There are simply achievers or those-who-are-achieving, even if results are undesirable or seem invisible . And from where I’m sitting I see three types or in three ways:

+ Those who predominantly act from a place of wellbeing and unchained creativity. Most fulfilling.

+ Those who predominantly act from a place of limitation and if-this-then-that goals. Least fulfilling.

+ Those who oscillate between acting from both places at different times and in different areas of their lives. Dance of frustration and fulfillment. Raised hands anyone?

How do you eat yours?

What’s the chocolate sauce that has us move along the spectrum to acting from wellbeing?

‘Seeing’ and ‘feeling’. ‘Feeling’ and ‘seeing’.

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p.s. I do like real eggs with gooey centres .. with avocado.



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