Understanding the language of the feminine opens you up to receiving

Have you heard or read that the feminine is receptive and the feminine woman is designed to be a powerful receiver (and amplifier)?

But maybe you are wondering how is that so? And does it mean you never take action?

Feminine ‘action’ is fuelled by curiosity, creativity, insight, inspiration, joy, expression and knowing. It can lead to results or have the intention to generate results. But the process and the energy behind that is more important than focusing on results.

Why is it important to stay open?

If we are closed to our feminine heart by being shrouded in heavy masculine energy and or staying predominantly in our head (a masculine approach to life), we will lead with motivation and find ourselves on the conveyor-belt-of-doing faster than you can say whirring seduction. And be left feeling like we’re wearing a thick duffle coat and thermals at the height of a tropical summer i.e. overburdened, overheated and overwhelmingly uncomfortable.

At that point we are on our own, having closed the door to all the support and assistance available through being feminine-essenced. This leads to much efforting and not very much receiving. Hello masculinised feminine.

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The language of the feminine

We become powerful receivers through staying open to and understanding the language of the feminine. This language includes feeling, hunches, intuition, inspiration, forgiveness, noticing e.g. patterns, synchronicity, insight, colour, metaphor, symbols, imagining, and ‘quantum’ expanded time. And while we can learn a lot through the mind, this language comes through the heart/body.

When we stay open to our feminine heart we are naturally attuned to this language which allows us to flow action and keep off the conveyor belt of doing. We are led into action, rather than being driven by the ‘doing’.

I like to call it nourishment-based manifestation over motivation-based manifestation. Actions from this aligned place feel good and even if you put in a few hours you don’t feel depleted, because you are integrated. Instead you feel energised.

Three scenarios

Right Timing

Sometimes we judge ourselves as ‘procrastinating’ when actually we haven’t recognised the language of the feminine. Honouring ‘right timing’ is an important trait of the feminine and when we lean in here life changes. We no longer look to the conditioned world to validate or judge our actions. We discern and intuit from within. This is probably one of the traits that is more difficult to embody, not because it is difficult, but because of the sense of urgency that is contingent with being on the conveyor-belt-of-doing. There is always an undercurrent of pressure ‘to have done more’, ‘to ship more’ etc. But they are stale thoughts not worthy of feeding to a metaphorical duck i.e. the ego’s desire for control – all quack and no quiet. Instead we feed the mind with the heart’s presence, for more quiet and less quack.

All the Feeling

At times we need to make a decision and we start writing lists of pros and cons. This might sound logical, but we find that we still don’t have the inner reassurance that all is well, because we are not in touch with our heart’s feelings on the matter. Recognising feeling is foundational in understanding the language of feminine energy – there are different flavours, including surface emotions such as fear and anger, deeper spiritual feelings such as peace and joy which can be felt without the need for a trigger, the felt senses of intuition and knowing, the integrated feeling of flow, our bodily sensations and the visceral sense of internal resistance.

Going Inwards

At other times we are facing challenging circumstances. The masculine MO is ‘right get out there and fix this’. The language of the feminine is gratitude, rest and surrender (internally) first. All come under the banner of ‘felt action’ (aka as non-action)’ – this dissolves resistance allowing for a lighter feeling state. This ability to go inwards before going outwards is a feminine superpower. The masculine takes a linear approach to results – getting somewhere. The feminine unfolds results in the now – hence the importance of being attuned to the inner state, for the feminine energy woman. The rabbit could land at any time, it doesn’t have to be a long, hard struggle or a long, hard hustle.

When you understand a language that is being communicated you stop feeling and acting like an ‘outsider’. The mirage of gobbledy-gook is gone. This is how it is when you understand the language of the feminine, you start to embody and express whole body fluency in your natural femininity.

Want more on feeling? The Art of Feeling is a trusty resource for the feminine soul.

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