Are we there yet? – The paradox of living in the feminine unknown

The feminine-led woman moves through life ‘knowing’ and when she doesn’t know, she rests in ‘not knowing’ so that she will know. Many a time I’ve said to myself, I’m not sure I can keep living like this not knowing and the waiting!

And then I have a much-needed giggle (it might take a while) as this is the most basic walk of faith (aka as living from our feminine essence). The one complaining about not knowing is the ego mind, which cannot bear to not know and like a small child is constantly asking ‘are we there yet?’. But of course when it is time to know, I will know, as will you.

That is the snare that has us falling into overly masculinised doing, aka the underwear and the top coat of the conditioned world i.e. it doesn’t matter where you scratch you’ll find its itchy fabric – I’m not there yet, how can I not be there yet?, what is keeping me being here and not there?, seems like everyone else is there except me (eyeing entire earth’s crust through extra flashy, elongated binoculars), one must GETTETH THERE NOW! And oh look the conveyor-belt-of-doing is calling. All that analysis happens in a twinkling of an eye and we feel we are simply being responsible. We haven’t realised we’ve left our feminine nature in the backseat elegantly nibbling on popcorn, patiently waiting for us to get back in our body and rest and feel and then (eventually) know.

Waiting vs Unfolding

When we are in our head/mind we experience living in the unknown as ‘waiting’. When we are in our body/heart we experience living in the unknown as ‘unfolding’ or ‘allowing’. It is all about the space we are inhabiting and where we are placing our attention. In our mind the attention is on the external and judging/analysing/doing – this feeds scarcity and lack. In our heart the attention is on the internal and feeling/knowing/inspired action – this feeds certainty and trust.

And Then We Know

Suddenly, we do ‘know’ and we start moving in the direction of travel without having even caught on to the fact that we’ve got ‘the/an answer’. Meanwhile ego mind does an eye roll, muttering something like ‘I can’t be doing with all this feeling and trusting and subtle, out of nowhere answers. I want the THUNDERCLAP. And a huge round of applause for all the effort. Don’t forget the APPLAUSE.’

Let us not only sit in and with the unknown, let’s have a sunset picnic in its long, tall grass, connecting to the fullness of the heart – feeding on the truth of who we truly are, feeding on the knowing that has already gone before and feeding on the joy of imminent good that is flowing toward our shores.

Let us sit and witness our beautiful feminine soul because before long, as trust grows, we will again, know.

Let us sit and witness our beautiful feminine soul, because before long, as trust grows – thank God, we will again, know.

If you would like support experiencing less ‘not there yet’ and more stillness and certainty while living in the unknown, meet me on the beaches of Bali over here or curl up in the grass and listen in on this.

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