Nourishment-based manifestation is the path of the feminine-led woman

In the brave new (age) world of living your best life (ever) if you are not working on a huge hairy goal while chanting an even huger hairier mantra you might be forgiven for thinking you are failing, and same again, if you haven’t met said huge hairy goal within like a 43.5 hour work day. But fear not the conveyor belt of doing will soon have you on your merry way. And so the ride begins and never ends.

The feminine woman does not live her ‘best life’ by incessant action. Her fulfilling life is the one that unfolds from living from her God-founded inherent femininity. This is not a masculinised ‘go get ’em’ strategy. It is an expansive ‘be here now’ journey. External outcomes are a byproduct of her moving in her natural gifts, talents, expression and radiance. In my private mentoring, I would describe this as the intentional moving from ‘doing who you are’ to ‘being who you are’ as a deliciously uncomfortable process of embodying what is true and letting go of what is not, while feeling very looked after. This can be done in the context of a particular desire or situation. And the invitation will be to wholeheartedly take a deep dive into The Creative Process.

For a feminine woman the results are in the process, which is a spiral and not the straight line of the masculine. She spirals deeper and deeper into her own knowing, clarified self-worth, and trust in God. And as she feels the milestones of these, those are her results. This reinforces her knowing, deepens her trust and the layers of increasingly clarified self worth reveal more and more of her magnetic feminine radiance.

This is how the feminine woman cultivates safety and generates amplitude within.

She works with the inner masculine

Her enlivened feminine energy ignites the masculine aspect revealing and fueling the next right action.

And then things start to show up externally often in quantum leaps which chimes with the spiral process and everything is reinforced over and over again.

The quantum-leaping rabbit

It reminds me of a time I visited a friend who had a rabbit and it was out in the garden where we were chatting. My idea of rabbits was ‘bunnies with warm fluffy fur and cute floppy ears’. But this rabbit while it was definitely cute, kept hopping about, as rabbits do, but it hadn’t really featured in my ‘idea’ above (actually hadn’t featured at all). I found the hopping thing rather disconcerting, as I never quite knew when or where it was going to hop next. And I found this even more unsettling, because it seemed this pulsating, long-eared, mammalian furball of the order Lagomorpha might land right on top of my head. I ended up heading indoors. It reminds me of quantum leaps, which I don’t find unsettling at all, in fact they are very welcome. You’re quietly and diligently walking your path and hey presto! There is a welcome unfolding, also known as an external marker of receiving, or a rabbit landing on your head.

The spiral staircase

Inner safety, like a physical seed is there, but she needs to increase her access to it, and her sense of it by uncovering, unraveling, expanding and clarifying. This is how cultivation is worked in the internal landscape – draining emotional sludge (feeling into the heavy, stickiest internal densities), regular soaking in the fertiliser of truth, standing in the fresh breeze of faith and surrendering to (or being struck by) the lightening bolt of love.

When she feels safe(r), she is free(r) to act. When she acts, she bursts through to a new level of safety. Deeper and deeper she goes down the spiral staircase of surrender and safety – from head to heart.

The naturally liberated life of a well-nourished woman

Motivation-based manifestation is the MO on the conveyor belt of doing, it is driven by the need to minimise the experience of discomfort.

Motivation-based manifestation is the MO on the conveyor belt of doing, it is driven by the need to minimise the experience of discomfort.

Nourishment-based manifestation is the MO on the staircase of surrender and safety – this is where a woman chooses to live from her feminine nature. In this space, nagging worry and stabbing doubt start to dissipate, and feelings of fulfilment start to rise like the red line of mercury on a hot summer’s day. Here the feminine-led woman discerns opportunities, installs boundaries, takes intelligent risks, tries new things, creates adventures of discovery (and uncovering) in work, love, and life. Nourishment-based manifestation is driven by the desire to maximise attunement to inner wellbeing, including through embracing the experience of discomfort. 

This way of living is natural and liberating, but it can feel scary because it’s not what we are used to. Sometimes it’s like flip-flopping down the staircase in slippers and at other times, tripping yourself up in heels. And just like when you’re wearing heels for a night out with the girls, or attending a special event or an intimate candlelit dinner for two, it can be a relief to have an arm to lean on while you learn to run for the taxi in three-inch-high-pieces-of-flexible-hide-covered-architectural-footwear, over cobblestones, so to speak.

I offer mentoring in feminine fulfilment where as you feel through to your thriving, gorge on creative nourishment and lift the lid off your feminine radiance, you move from having set up camp on the conveyor belt of doing, to starting your descent down the spiral staircase of surrender and safety – helping you to receive what you truly desire and ultimately, fulfilment.

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