[Personal Beauty] Three Ways to Enjoy Sun-kissed Skin in an Unexpected Heatwave

We’re having a scorcher of a summer over here in the Sunny Isles, so I’m sharing three of my skin suncare tips because I do get asked a lot about my skin, and it’s silly season!

1. While I don’t think sunscreen is the last word in looking after your skin in the sun, I do believe it’s an important part of a many-pronged approach. My brand of choice at the moment is Green People. My skin seems to like it and I think it’s the avocado oil in particular (which I should test by adding the oil to my cleansing routine). I mix the sunscreen with Aloe vera cream as it’s quite thick, so a little goes a long way. I let it sink in for a few minutes and then it works great as a primer for make-up.

I’m not one to walk in the sun, or sunbathe. If I can help, it I prefer not to go out until late in the evening or early in the morning. This has been reinforced by many trips to Italy and Spain, and I’m sure it has helped my skin too.

2.Lots of orange veggies aka carrots. I add tons of these to soups and juice them too. Chock full of beta carotene they support my skin from within.

3. You won’t be surprised to read, lots of water too. Although that’s more at home, because y’know, own bathroom. I start the day with a pint or two of water, and will take a bottle with me when I’m out and about. That’s usually fine to sip on, as I tend to eat light during the day, so I don’t get a raging thirst. I’ll then drink a lot more once I’m home again.

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