The True Cost of Recreational Eating

Your business model, is not just about your business. Your career path is not just about your career, and your family dynamics are not just about your family. They’re also about you and your desire to either survive or thrive.

It’s the same with eating. Initially it’s about getting basic nutrition, or sustenance without too much thought to consequence, impact or legacy.  In the beginning of your career you’re trying to ratchet up some experience, or in business, bring in the bills due last week.

But then it gets to a time in our lives when it’s about having a better reason for doing everything. A bigger reason, the Big Why. And that includes our eating. 

We don’t have to eat for survival anymore. Food is all around (and so the eating grows). We are bombarded with food outlets, food vouchers, food advertisements, and food specials. We eat even when we’ve had more than enough. Being underfed doesn’t feel good. Being overfed doesn’t feel good either.

“The spirit cannot endure the body when overfed, but if underfed, the body cannot endure the spirit.”                         

Frances de Sales

Recreational eating is not when you eat with friends. And it’s not when you eat (real) treats. 

Recreational eating is when you eat to avoid being creative. It’s under the radar until you get honest, radically honest. Then you have choice.
Why do you eat? How’s that working for you? Your lifestyle? Your physical economy? The wider economy? Are you robbing yourself and others of the joy of feasting on your creative talent?

The quickest way to align your dreams with what you eat, is to put some attention on ‘why’.

Once upon a time eating was naturally straightforward. Sands have since shifted, we’re now living at a time of major technological advancement and social upheaval. This means that it is rather expedient that we aim to do everything with eyes wide open in order to maximise our creative abilities and thrive. Take your pick – money, work, relationships, food production, eating, wellness.

It’s about noticing the results we’re getting. It’s about leveraging everything we’ve got. If you can be engaged enough to have a business model or a career path. Then spare a thought for your eating model and your food path.

Systems are what you need to deliver on your brand’s promise. Lifestyle systems are what you need to deliver on your promise. Your beauty, in the fullest sense of the word.

Your habitual eating patterns are a map of your ‘hidden mind’. So are your habitual money patterns and your habitual relationship patterns. But you’ve been eating much longer. That’s a wealth of material to work with. The stuff of fun exploration for a more confident, authoritative, creative, beautiful you. And then take what you find and use those insights in other areas of your life.

What’s that worth?

If you are going to be creative, prioritising your self-care is non-negotiable. You need to be able to hold the vision, finish things, recognise your intuition, recognise your dysfunction, know when to be still, and when to sustain your energy.  Check out anyone who you feel is delivering on their dreams with harmony in their life. Do you think they pay attention to their eating model? You bet.

I work with intelligent women with a pull for something more, helping them to cut through their surface tedium to creatively reveal their unique beauty in the world. They pour that beauty out through various vehicles – their meaningful mission-ships – could be their families, could be enterprise, could be career, could be non-profits, could be art. The common denominator? 

These ships mean something to them, they’re for sailing in. These women want to live out of vision, realise their dreams, make their lives count..for a lot. That kind of living requires a better attention to self-care, eating included. When I see this being lived out by someone around me I’m know I’m in the vicinity of substance and awareness. Things cannot but change.

If you don’t eat to support your life? How will your life support you?
Eating is one of the most powerful ways to practice radical self-honesty, nurturing self- care and meaningful creative expression.

Are you (wo)man enough?

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