The Conveyor Belt of Doing: Are You Riding One of These?

In a recent post I wrote that when the deep internal desire for feminine fulfilment is not recognised for what it is, women think it is ‘doing’ energy that will quench the thirst (spoiler alert: it doesn’t and it won’t). And so they jump onto the ‘conveyor belt of doing’ which has them riding roughshod over their innate feminine essence, taking them further away from what their soul is seeking.

Are you riding one of these?

1. The conveyor belt of constant action: when I get there I’ll rest

I do have a lot on my plate. But not long now, even though my whole life (day, night and the misty hinterland in between both) is currently focused on sorting things out, firstly, avoiding the school run, but then back to the future.

2. The conveyor belt of external achievement: when I get there I will be validated

I just graduated top of class after taking 15.5 non-short courses at All Scholarly University, but I need a couple hundred more certificates from somewhere. I’m still researching prospectuses and brochures. Only the best will do.

3. The conveyor belt of massive impact: when I get there I’ll be loved

I’m trying to do what my go-get-em guru said would change the world. But it’s only a tad exhausting and a lot time-consuming. The only thing that is actually changing is how little sleep I’m getting each night.

4. The conveyor belt of making more: when I get there I’ll be enough

I’ve pretty much got it wrapped, just one more late night, one more career promotion, one more social media platform, I’m thinking Tik Tok? Fingers-crossed – a shed-load more money.

5. The conveyor belt of doing anything but feeling

I will climb Mount Everest next Tuesday by 15.16 hrs GMT, with my eyes closed and on a very rumbly empty stomach, no time for a quick energy-boosting bite of a slightly off-tasting, refined-sugary-bar-of-cultivated-grass-like-substances for me, or even a cup of keep-me-wide-awake Joe. This is so I will never have to feel my emotional pain. Ever. And I’ll do the same again the week after. Ad infinitum.

If you think these scenarios are a little bit s-t-r-e-t-c-h-e-d out, I’d say you were observant. Sometimes a magnifying glass of sorts, even humour can help us see what might otherwise remain just outside our line of vision. Can you relate to any one of these? Or maybe all of us can (or could at some point or other) to a slightly muted montage of the whole untasty smorgasbord?

What do we do?

With a somewhat magnified view, we are able to explore beyond the plausible-on-paper-pretext for all the masculinised incessant doing – the doing of fixing, the doing of figuring-it-all-out, the doing of amassing, the doing of achieving, the doing of striving, the doing of chasing, the doing of overcoming, the doing of proving, the doing of avoidance, the doing of climbing-the-ladder, the doing of making-more, the doing of not-feeling, and the doing of keeping-up-with-the-joneses who left town three years ago – we have the opportunity to slow down, choose rest, fall into our natural feminine essence and allow the underlying patterns to unravel, as we see and feel what was really driving us (and all that doing) all along.

The number one antidote to getting off the conveyor belt of doing is witnessing your feminine soul in the here and now. And yes, there may will be uncomfortable feelings. And yes, it’s very okay to have them. And yes, we will love them, because feeling through to our thriving is one of the things that feminine-led women are God-designed to do.

If you would like to step off the conveyor belt of doing into more of your life by slowing down, creating a soup storm of nourishment and uncovering your magnetic feminine radiance, why don’t we have a chat over by the water cooler here.

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