The Harmonisation – a potent container for highly capable women

One Session, One Issue, One Life – All Yours

A  personalised container to effortlessly strategise a solution,

resolve a core limiting belief, develop a grounding practice,

feel through to your thriving

and access the confidence and creativity you need

to take your next step.

All aligned with your true feminine nature.

1 Q&A | clearing session

Priority booking

Centered in your body


Full Energetic Exchange: £1000

There is no weird stuff – simply presence, conversation and feeling. You might cry, but only as a form of release. A good thing, nay a great thing!

In order to make the most of your session I ask that we focus on one thing. It may be a problem in your work/business life/home. If there is a limiting belief it will reveal itself in the session. Or if there is a limiting belief you are aware of, or something you keep banging your head up against, but don’t know how to resolve – bring that.

Our time together will be in the private and based on the premise that you have an inborn ability to declutter your mind, dissolve stress and naturally unchain creativity – which will naturally give rise to insights, inspiration, innovation and aligned actions. And I have a proven process for belief resolution aligned to the feminine woman (that’s you!) and the body.  Ready?

Very ready!