Foodhearted: The Way of Honest Eating

Creative food consultancy combining your body’s intelligence, absolute truth, and leading from within.

What you’ll get – conversation(s) that you’ll feel in your cells that will point you inwards to you own ‘knowing’ hidden under years of thinking – about diets, cravings, what’s healthy, what’s not, getting ready for the beach and so on and so forth – which has led to not ‘knowing’.

Be prepared to be surprised, be prepared to drop ‘stories’, be prepared to get different results.

Consciousness trumps information.. every time.

What you won’t get,
+ a list of foods to eat
+ a list of foods not to eat
+ a plan to follow.

However you might get that from you.

Why diets don’t work and why honest eating does,

+ Diets are a result of other people’s thoughts not your own understanding, feedback, and experience.

+ Diets do not take into account an individual’s essential functioning.

+ Diets give lists of things to do filling up one’s head with thought/information which blocks insight from within.

+ A filled up head = overheated personal mind = feeling down = sabotaged behaviours = diet failure.

+ Diets don’t teach individuals how to access their intrinsic wellbeing.

Foodhearted consultancy recognises,

+ There is no inherent emotional meaning in food, it’s what we ‘think’ that causes us issues with food and ourselves.

+ There is no war with food, so there is no peace to be made. The war is our internal resistance.

+ Once we understand how our mind works, we are freer to make wiser choices, and to be more compassionate when we don’t.

+ When we ‘know’ what we need and want while staying in our body, we stop getting caught up in diet dogma.

+When we instinctively begin to make choices from this new understanding, we find that we are often doing things that are considered ‘healthy’ but our peace of mind does not come from outside validation but from an inner confidence, and an increasing sense of our intrinsic wellbeing.

Foodhearted – Honest eating for a wholehearted life – easier moods, easier choices, and better results.

If this is what you are wanting to do, willing to do and ready to do. Go here to schedule a free consultation. No credit card required. No obligation. Serious enquiries only. Over and out.

Oh and this ‘understanding’ doesn’t just come to you and sit in a box marked ‘food’. Of course it doesn’t, you have a whole life, and it runs through your whole life. The results we are talking about here though gentle and subtle are far-reaching. And sometimes the transformation is almost instant ricocheting through the mind into actions that bring about wildly desirable stuff, stuff you wanted but didn’t know how to get – less snappy relationships, work that you feel like hugging, green shoots in your bank account perhaps, and best of all knowing how to navigate your emotional landscape like a captain of the high seas.

Have you listened to The Food Impulse? It’s a workshop on Honest Eating recorded especially for you.


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