The Ways You Appreciate When You Drain Your Sludge – Part Two

Draining your sludge will help you see how powerful you truly are even if you’ve been unwittingly using that power against yourself. When you ‘see’ it, you will be both humbled and relieved. You may also begin to observe ‘strange’ new happenings in your world, like:

+ You sense internal changes before any external evidence shows up, as your unfelt emotion is free to flow, and the limiting mental constructs that were attached to it start to collapse all over the place like faulty deck chairs on a sandy beach.

+ You become more intelligent. You learn things faster and easier to stunning effect, including in areas of your life that you might have felt hindered, despite your best efforts to make headway.

+ Resisting your emotional state through personal thinking or action no longer makes sense. And if you do find yourself going there you catch yourself pretty quickly, like grabbing a toddler that’s about to step out into the road, and placing them squarely back on the pavement where they belong. Otherwise known as feeling everything that comes up without story.

+ Your level of want-to energy for your creative work and important activities is clear. You no longer feel a heaviness holding you back, and you rest without guilt when it’s time to rest. You become a creative powerhouse (this is one I can relate to big time).

+ How you use your time will naturally start to harmonise  with what you need and want to do, as your emotional clarity deepens.

+ You surprise yourself by how in touch you are with your natural confidence.

+ You don’t try to solve problems by focusing on a state of worry, and find it easier to gracefully receive insights, solutions and ideas that enhance your life, and the lives of others.

+ It feels imperative and natural to let go of habits and behaviours that may have been self-soothing in the short term but in the long term were moving you away from living life in the way you’d like e.g. morally, creatively and intentionally.

+ You find yourself naturally overflowing with thankfulness for the gift of life i.e. experiencing joy.

+ You focus on feeling whatever is coming up for you in the moment (it feels good because you now know what it means), rather than trying to manufacture feelings that you would like to feel in the future.

You become an ever-increasing asset as you align with your inherent design, and feel.

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