Three Simple Ways to Dampen Down Stress in Your Wild and Wondrous Life


Ever had parts of your life where you feel like you’re tiptoeing on a tightrope, while balancing a pile of books on your head, and with no end in sight? Me too.

And in those moments all the feelings come rushing through from all the wounded places, the unseen places, and the beaten places within, screaming to solve the ‘external problem’ so they can lay their heads down again.

But it is a lie, that a feeling can be resolved with ‘outside’ action. A feeling can only be resolved through feeling – fully, thoroughly, and unapologetically.

What to do?

1. Silence is Sweet – when we can sit, and place our attention on our feelings and sensations, the whirling of our thoughts, and the cries of our unmet needs, without story, we find relief. This process is an act of trust. Nothing outside of us can make us feel whole. Our states of being are internally generated but we are conditioned to think otherwise. And the conditioning runs deep.

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