Unchained Creativity – Emotional Leadership


Ready for Uncommon Emotional Self-Care?

Hello!  Is this you? Woman-leader of projects and people (not forgetting the toddler ready to be potty-trained), oh and maybe animals, who is ready to welcome a fresh approach to managing stress, dealing with unwanted surprises, spinning the umpteen number of plates that need spinning, and the emotional whiplash that sometimes comes with managing it all?
+ I’d love to help. Here’s how –
Transformational self care requires a bit more than chickpea polenta, and an eye-squinting shot of wheatgrass, fabulous as they might be. We want to start where it all begins with your internal landscape. You’ll learn to work with your inborn ability to declutter your mind, dissolve stress, uncover the juice that drives your life, and naturally unchain creativity – which will lead to seemingly effortless action – regardless of how many plates need spinning.
+ And you know what?
When you learn  to work with your thoughts, feelings and emotions (internal landscape) with this new understanding of your inborn abilities, you won’t feel so taken hostage by them anymore. You’ll be able to laugh in the face of the emotional roller coaster (mostly!), ride that thing back to calm and clarity, increasingly begin to meet work and life situations with a sense of relaxation and peace, and become more of the leader you already are. Breathy sigh of relief anyone?
+ You’ll stop fearing a ‘bad’ feeling, and give up chasing a ‘good’ feeling. Rather instead, start to enjoy feeling through any feeling into that cushiony, expansive state of curious calm (a beautiful feeling).


‘Loving attention on thought-feeling facilitates emotional honesty and ease, and space to receive insight which oil the wheels of a more potent and fulfilled life.’


Programme Package:

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1-1 Session + Downloadable Workshop +Printable Feelings Journal + Limitless Clarity





Unchained Creativity & Me?
+ Feeling is my middle name. No, not on my passport.
+ Have used this to effectively lead communications teams for a number of years, mainly intuitively and then I started joining the dots.
+ Every major (and minor challenge) I face through feeling first, because those challenges can reveal internal dynamics that we would not ordinarily see. It’s a cleaner, simpler easier process  – compared to rushing to push around furniture that’s already shown up in our external world – and it’s what we do naturally until we get into our heads.
+ We underestimate the impact of unresolved emotion in our lives (especially when created from a state of vulnerability or helplessness), however the beauty of our design reveals the way to resolve it, is to feel. And it’s the same thing that facilitates everyday thriving – feeling, verb, not noun. The truth of this runs through my life, dissolving emotional sludge, and increasing creativity and insight where it’s needed.
If you’d love some of the same, and you’d like me to mentor you to feeling through to breakthrough after breakthrough, book an intensive. It will lead to some of the best days of your life, not because of me, but because of you, because of how you’re designed to work, always, all the time. No exceptions. Smells like a kind of freedom. It is.