Uncovering Feminine Radiance: The Ways You Appreciate When You Drain Your Sludge – Part 1


When you start to lead from within, learning what it means to love yourself, and shifting unfelt emotion strange things can start to happen. Good strange. Like the following:

+ Seeing situations less as positive/negative but more as opportunities to ‘see’, ‘feel’ and ‘know’.

+ Enjoying a richer quality of life through feeling, and yes even crying.

+ Noticing things that others miss.

+ Knowing without shadow of a doubt that action is not what makes things happen, but a conduit for a process that starts within, and the last step before seeing something come to fruition.

+ Not one moment of life need be wasted, as everything can be leveraged or redeemed for growth and understanding, when the time arrives.

+ Action is not what gets you out of a problem. You might need to reflect on this one. But when you see it you see it.

+ You see that paying attention to what goes on inside is paying attention to your life – wellness, work, relationships, finances.

+ Realising that decisions are ‘done for you’ when you get still/quiet enough with with zero attention to personal story.

When you really ‘see’ how we are designed (yep, designed) to engage with life you will never again neglect your inner work through the thought-feeling connection. You become an ever-appreciating asset.

If you would like to start uncovering your natural feminine radiance, download The Art of Feeling and other workshops for feminine energy women here.


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