Workplace Thriving for Feminine Women

PR & Wellness Consultant for feminine women who lead and manage in the workplace

Want an easier way to thrive at work?
I consult with naturally feminine women on how to use their feminine energy to effortlessly create

harmony and high-performance in the workplace and an increased sense of ease and wellbeing for themselves.

Would you like to:
  • Prevent work-related ageing.
  • Work under pressure (deadlines etc) without unnecessary stress.
  • Avoid skirting round the edges of burnout or even falling in!
  • Balance hormones naturally.
  • Know the best way to start your day to set yourself up for success (no mantras required).
  • Fade out any signs of impostor syndrome which comes from a surprising place, not actually real.
  • Leverage the benefit of using intuition alongside research and analysis (gamechanger).
  • Dress and present yourself in a way that feels true, and still sits within your workplace’s code of attire
  • Work well with masculine colleagues and avoid intimidation.
  • Communicate clearly and in a way that fosters engagement and support from your team and colleagues.
  • Dissolve problems quickly and easily.
  • Know what to do if a direct report or colleague starts having a meltdown in a 1-1 meeting.
  • Use your feminine energy to bring balance to your masculine energy during a hectic work day.
  • Have more physical, emotional and mental bandwidth at the end of the day so you can enjoy your time outside the workplace too.

If that’s a ‘yes’ let’s talk.

45min = £350
1hr 30 = £625
2hrs = £795

Choose your Option

(Once I receive notification of your order, you will receive my diary to confirm dates.)

You will enjoy the process and set yourself up for good-feeling results. Your performance reviews will be glowingly discussed by senior leadership. Your team will happily seek you out for advice and go the extra mile on the job because of the satisfaction they sense in their role. You will feel like there is a silver thread running from one end of the day to another helping you to meet challenges, come up with fresh ideas and experience genuine connection with your colleagues, those you manage and those you report to. You will bring a quiet confidence and natural elegance to all that you do.

My credentials
  • Have over a decade of experience directly leading teams and managing people in various sectors including Education/Charity/Arts/Science.
  • Carried out media relations as part of an award-winning communications team.
  • Skilled in PR, communications, writing, creative briefs, marketing and media relations.
  • Have never had to put a member of my team through disciplinary measures.
  • Successfully turned round demoralised teams and/or disenfranchised team members as an interim consultant.
  • Have received hundreds of appreciative comments from staff in leaving and birthday cards.
  • Love helping people enjoy their time at work and helping them to make the most of their skills and talents.

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